Operational Intelligence

Generating data is no longer an obstacle. But data on its own has little value.

The opportunity lies in transforming data (and lots of it) into intelligence (in real time) so that you can empower your employees (with the right tools and motivation) to continuously improve operations (adding sustainable value to your business).

MES, LIMS, ERP, planning systems, control systems, process databases, shop floor systems, and quality databases are all generating huge (and increasing) quantities of valuable information.

This information needs harnessing in a way that maximizes the potential of your employees – whether that means close-to-production decision support, KPI reporting, trend analysis, or enabling performance comparisons across different sites.

With the right strategies and tools in place, operational intelligence becomes the fuel for driving lean and continuous improvement initiatives – from Six Sigma, kaizen, waste elimination (Muda, Mura, Muri), PDCA (plan-do-check-act), and TPM (total productive maintenance), to any number of other lean activities.

  • Drive lean and continuous improvement programs
  • Improve productivity and operational efficiency
  • Identify and eliminate bottlenecks
  • Identify and implement best practices
  • Streamline processes and make better use of resources
  • Eliminate waste
  • Support critical business decisions

Successful operational intelligence empowers individuals and drives a culture of continuous improvement.

Insights & stories to share

From small independent operating units to global multisite manufacturers – everyone is looking to improve operational efficiency and productivity.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (calculated as Availability*Performance*Quality) is a very useful measure of how effectively production facilities are used. The objective being to continually improve operations and increase OEE over time.

With the right strategies, processes and tools in place it’s possible to raise your OEE to a whole new level.

The starting point is to ensure automated collection of operation-wide intelligence. A flexible solution is needed that is easily configurable, expandable and able to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.

The key to success, however, lies in making information available to different user groups at the right time, at the right level, and in the right format. For example, to enable close-to-production decision support, KPI reporting, or in-depth data analysis.

The goal of information is to empower users. Everyone – operators, group leaders, maintenance personnel, lean coordinators, production management and business management – should be able to contribute to continuous operational improvement.

  • Increase productivity and operational efficiency
  • Identify and implement best practices
  • Improve quality rates and reduce scrap and reworking
  • Inspire and motivate staff to exceed targets
  • Reduce repair costs by switching to predictive maintenance
  • Improve strategic position and meet market demands ahead of competitors

Four levels of data analytics for improving OEE.

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Using a paper-based system for batch review and approval is a manual, work-intensive process – especially when it comes to supplying large biomolecules to internal and external life science customers.

Our customer was faced with a complex production process involving many teams, data scattered in locally developed systems, and a paper-based batch records process that required manual signing multiple times.

There was a clear need to improve batch documentation and release without risking product quality.

By working in close partnership with the customer, PlantVision helped to implement a new Electronic Batch Records solution based on a world-leading LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System).

Workflows and templates were configured to reflect the customer’s production chain and documentation needs, and a minor bespoke extension was added to provide a tool for registering customer orders.

The solution provided a validated central platform for label printing and instrument/stock handling, with the capability of integrating with other enterprise systems and instruments.

The project delivered a host of improvements and new possibilities

  • Standardized documentation procedure – Single unified structure for all products and validated calculations, minimizing the need for quality checking.
  • Increased efficiency – Less time spent filling in and copying paper documents. Several users can view the same data simultaneously.
  • Data integrity – System controls which personnel are allowed to access or edit the data. Backup and recovery easily carried out by IT.
  • Data overview for QA – Faster review and approval process. Minimal risk of batches being shipped before approval.
  • Greater visibility – Planners can follow the process and anticipate changes in capacity and usage.
  • Continuous improvement of lead times – New possibilities for planners to monitor capacity & usage, identify bottlenecks and make improvements.

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Successful companies grow. They add new production lines, build new facilities and acquire competitors.

That’s all good isn’t it?

Well, now, you’ve also got problems. You’re running multisite operations and each has its own island of systems and solutions for collecting, managing and using data.

Program licensing and maintenance costs are high. Each site has its own arbitrary approach to optimizing production. Locating the source of data errors is time consuming and disruptions to production mean increased costs and missed revenue.

The solution is to introduce a common approach to operational intelligence.

However, migrating disparate systems to a common information management platform is not an easy journey. It requires that you start with insight, a clear sense of vision and stakeholder buy-in.

Achieving sustainable value comes from a consistent approach as part of a step-wise iterative process where each step is focused on delivering value.

What can you expect?

  • A common approach to planning, reporting and optimizing production
  • Reduced system administration and maintenance costs
  • Lower licensing costs
  • Quicker and less expensive integration of new systems
  • Greater opportunities to streamline training, harmonize processes and optimize operations
  • An invaluable tool to help management compare operations across sites and improve key strategic business decisions


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