Managing Change

A market opportunity. The need to overcome a challenge. Investing in a new innovation. There are many drivers for initiating change.

Too often, though, change initiatives fail to meet expectations and result in wasted investment. A major reason for this is that traditional approaches focus too heavily on delivering the physical aspects of a project and too little on the human aspects – who should do what, how and why.

A value-driven approach encompasses all aspects of change – people, processes and the entire life cycle of solutions.

It shifts the emphasis from physical deliverables to desired outcomes and enables you to build a complete picture of how the various aspects of the project relate to each other.

It enables agile project delivery based on a clear road map for change, detailing where, how and by whom value will be realized.

Most importantly, it helps your organization develop a new mind-set, processes and tools, so project excellence becomes a habit and continually adding sustainable value becomes business as usual.

What you can expect from value-driven change:

  • ROI in the form of reduced waste, higher productivity and greater long-term value.
  • Embraced change that delivers positive results early and frequently.
  • A shift in organizational culture towards continuous improvement and adding value.


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A change program based on a benefits realization approach shifts the emphasis from physical deliverables to the desired end result – i.e. the benefits and improvements that will add value to your business.

The question then becomes, ‘What do you need to change to achieve the result you want?’

Focusing on the delivery of well-defined benefits, linked to your investment objectives, puts you in a powerful position to achieve greater value from business change.

Gaining INSIGHT is the key to success. This enables you to build a complete picture, and fully understand and manage the relationships that link the different parts of the puzzle.

Including and motivating stakeholders at an early stage is also vital so you can better manage expectations, assumptions, and accountability within your organization.

With the help of workshops and agile change management methods you form a comprehensive road map for change that incorporates people, processes and solutions. All the time guided by three fundamental principles:

  • Usability on expectation
  • Sustainable change on value
  • Delivery on promise

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Instigating change without INSIGHT is like crossing an ocean without a navigational chart. You set off in the right direction; the rest you trust to hope.

With INSIGHT you are able to uncover, prioritize and anchor your business opportunities, innovations and challenges.

It enables you to define what success looks like; reveal what it will take to achieve; identify who is needed; and describe how they should go about things.

It goes beyond simply identifying the critical factors for success and reveals how those factors relate to, and impact, one another. This information is usually overlooked with traditional approaches, but it is essential if your change program is to generate maximum sustainable value.

Workshops are an effective tool for generating INSIGHT. By combining practical exercises, theory and coaching, they provide a visual and interactive experience for key stakeholders. You engaged your team through stimulating and rewarding multidisciplinary exercises, bringing individuals closer together and unifying everyone around a shared vision for success.

Beginning change with INSIGHT delivers:

  • Confidence that you are prioritizing the right investments and changes – those that will achieve your goals and deliver maximum sustainable value.
  • A complete overview and road map for change – connecting your goals with the desired effects, the changes to be implemented, and the benefits that will be realized.
  • Committed and engaged stakeholders – united by a shared vision and motivated by a sense of ownership.


The workshop with PlantVision was extremely useful. It not only enabled us to systematically compare and prioritize diverse ideas and opinions, but also to identify who should be responsible for what going forwards.
Eigil Dåbakk, CEO, Molab AS

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In pharmaceutical production, an effective batch reporting process is essential for efficient product release.

At our customer’s site, the templates used for batch reporting were located on a system that had not be updated and was not being actively supported. Any system problems risked significant production disruption and increased operational costs.

There was a clear and immediate need to migrate the batch report templates to a supported system. Intensifying the challenge was the fact that the two systems were incompatible. The migration project also needed carrying out without affecting ongoing production, and meet all regulatory and quality requirements.

Effective project management was crucial to the project’s success. Mapping the scope of the project, identifying key factors early on, creating well-defined roles and a dynamic project-team culture, and clear communication with all stakeholders helped to ensure smooth progress throughout.

An agile approach was taken to allow prioritization based on necessity and business value. This enabled greater focus and also meant obstacles and challenges could be dealt with at an early stage.

Results achieved included:

  • All templates migrated successfully according to time plan.
  • Reduced organization stress, as agile approach made it possible to scale activities up or down depending on time pressure, complexity and capacity utilization.
  • No quality deviations reported during or after project implementation.
  • Improved administration capabilities for batch report templates.
  • New solution enables simpler life cycle management of future amendments and additions – representing a huge potential cost saving.

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Your pharmaceutical production is in full flow again after upgrading around 30 critical components in your production information system. The sun is shining and even your boss is smiling.

That smile soon disappears, however, when it becomes apparent that a large number of incorrect batch reports have been generated due to a program software error. Valuable batches can’t be released for sale and there’s a serious threat to production capacity.

This was the crisis facing one of our customers.

Our response was fast and decisive. Within a few of hours we had deployed our very own SWAT team with a project leader on-site prioritizing and coordinating activities.

An immediate, value-focused trouble-shooting process was undertaken. Additional resources were put in place for managing the incorrect batch reports. The required technical expertise was acquired and good communication was maintained with all stakeholders throughout the incident.

The route cause was resolved by working directly with the software supplier and the service management team. Critical system data was delivered to the supplier, enabling the software to be updated.

The whole incident was resolved in the shortest possible time. Production disruption was kept to an absolute minimum, and production/delivery capacity remained unaffected.

Making it possible was a highly engaged team with a strong service ethic, determined to protect the customer’s operations.

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